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I'm a philosopher working in philosophy of biology, philosophy of language, animal cognition, and environmental philosophy.

Currently, I'm writing a book on how language and mind evolved from our social dependence on one another.


You can find a description of my research here.

At UCLA, I'm affiliated with the Center for Behavior, Evolution and Culture.

Recent & Upcoming Talks


"The Proper Function of Meaning Intentions," USC, May 2024


"Evolutionary Foundations of Common Ground," University of Tübingen, February 2024

Comments on Jessica Keiser, Eastern APA, January 2024


Comments on Ofra Magidor, Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, January 2024

"The Social Origins of Language," Northwestern University, November 2023

comments on Paula Rubio-Fernandez, Perspectives in Language Workshop, October 2023

"The Functions of Mind and Meaning," Keynote Talk, MillikanFest,
UConn, October 2023

a talk on innateness, Symposium in Honor of Lila Gleitman, SPP, June 2023


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