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I'm a philosopher working in philosophy of biology, philosophy of language, animal cognition, and environmental philosophy.

Currently, I'm writing a book on how language and mind evolved from our social dependence on one another.


You can find a description of my research here.

At UCLA, I'm affiliated with the Center for Behavior, Evolution and Culture.

Recent & Upcoming Talks


TBD, University of Tübingen, February 2024


Comments on Ofra Magidor, Ranch Metaphysics Workshop, January 2024

"The Social Origins of Language," Northwestern University, November 2023

comments on Paula Rubio-Fernandez, Perspectives in Language Workshop, October 2023

"The Functions of Mind and Meaning," Keynote Talk, MillikanFest,
UConn, October 2023

a talk on innateness, Symposium in Honor of Lila Gleitman, SPP, June 2023

"Social Origins of Language," Colloquium Talk, CUNY Graduate Center, March 2023

"On the Evolution of Languages and I-Language," University of Leeds, February 2023

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